James was just an underwear model, one of the best. All his competition hated him because he could eat whatever he wanted and worked out for a couple hours, yet had the body they all wanted. And it was completely natural. He just had great genetics.

Jessie was the olympic gynmast that everyone had their eye on. She was beautiful, smart, and talented. But on the inside she just wasn’t happy with her life. She posed for the paparazzi and would be on the cover of Sports Illustrated frequently, but her fame didn’t make her happy.

James never dated. It was his choice. All the women in the business were so stuck up and just horrid to be around. They were so hateful and he didn’t want that around himself. So he was, obviously, one of the most eligable bachelors.

Jessie dated whoever her publicist told her to. It was all staged. She never felt anything for them, even the ones who ‘fell for her.’ They all just didn’t… work. But she couldn’t say no to her publicist. She was under contract.

James happened upon a picture of Jessie one day on the cover of SI and he was mesmerized. Not by the beauty that everyone else say, but by the sadness in her eyes. She hid it all so well, but he knew that smile and all the others he saw weren’t real. He had to see what she looked like when she smiled for real. He knew that when she did, he’d fall for her.

Jessie was surprised when she was thrown into a scandal. Some man named James Anderson- a big shot in the modeling world- was refusing to do any photo shoots unless she was his costar. Her publicist signed off immediately, seeing this as a huge break.

The photo shoot was stunning to everyone, especially James. Everyone on set recognized that there was a connection. James saw it as a victory because he’d managed to make her smile and it hadn’t been completely frigid. He’d seen a spark of emotion in her eyes, and that was enough.

She didn’t know how they ended up dating. It had been so gradual: a coffee here, a joint work out there. Her publicist hadn’t even known until it hit the tabloids in huge letters. And… she couldn’t say she hated it.

They’d been dating for a year, and Jessie had tried to break up with him at least 7 times. But they’d made it. It was their anniversary and James took the entire day off to be with her. He went with her everywhere as she prepared for the olympic qualifications. By the end of the day, she was exhausted and he took them home. She couldn’t even get out of the car, her body hurt so much. So he picked her up and carried her into the house, took her to the bathroom and made a nice bath for them both.

Jessie slid into the freezing water it him, feeling her muscles lock up and knew this was what she’d needed. For the first time in a year, she felt completely at peace. When they went to bed that night, she curled against him and right before she went to sleep muttered, “I love you.” A smile graced her face.

James knew he’d been right. Because with that small smile, he’d fallen for Jessie.